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We provide the best legal services and we want to ensure that we always exceed the expectations of our clients.


We expect every member of the Firm to be accountable to our clients as much as they are to the Firm as a whole. We believe that the reputation of the Firm is intertwined with the service we provide to our clients and we ensure that the interests of our clients always come first.


We believe we must be flexible and creative in our approach so that our clients always get the most commercially viable solution to their business challenges. We must be adaptable with time so that we are available at all times to our clients. Changing laws, regulations and rules throw up constant challenges. We believe we must be nimble and agile as a team to embrace the change and find the most practical and commercially viable solution our clients’ needs.

Collaboration and team work are essential to the success of our Firm, We believe very strongly that our clients are our team members and that their opinions and concerns are crucial to addressing their issues. We abhor silos. We believe in creating teams for every transaction or deal that we are working on, by leveraging the expertise from every department within the Firm.


We only recruit the best and we do not stop investing in our people, because we believe that while our clients deserve the best, our own people do as well. We have our ear to the ground so that our advice pre-empts the constant changes in the law as well the socio-economic changes that could have a bearing on the client’s business. We work hard to strengthen our sphere of influence so that our clients have access to local insights and knowledge. We make sure that the team we create for specific deals is ideal for the matter at hand. No deal or transaction goes by without the direct supervision of a partner. Every key document is vetted by a partner.


The range of clients that we have developed over the past two decades is testament to our desire to succeed. We succeed when we craft a deal or work around a transaction that not only brings immediate commercial results to our client but has a long lasting impact. Our success lies in seeing that our clients get quick, creative, pragmatic and cost effective solutions that stand the test of time. We succeed when are able to create a team that specifically meets the demands of our clients. And most important of all, we succeed when we forge a strong bond of trust with our clients.


(Founder & Managing Partners)
Having an experience more than 10 years as Legal In house with a history of working in the biggest holding automotive corporate, the biggest telco corporate, the biggest F&B Unicorn, top reinsurance corporate, and technology company unicorn in Indonesia. Skilled in Insurance Law, Telco Law, Labor law, Negotiation, Legal Compliance, Tax Law, and Corporate Law. Having a strong professional background with a Bachelor's degree focused in Tax Law from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) and having a lawyer license by PERADI.
Having an experience more than 12 years as Lawyer, have specialization in Marriage Law, Civil Law, Dispute Resolution, and Litigation. Having a strong professional background with a Bachelor's degree focused in Civil Law from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) and having a lawyer license by PERADI.
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